Reflections: Adam

Pre-­‐camp reflections:
-What interests you about this project?
I am very interested in biology, especially how cells and tissues are affected by diseases.
-What do you want to learn by doing this project?
I would like to learn how to perform histochemical staining. I would also like to know how a fluorescence microscope works.
-What questions do you have about this project?
What are the uses of vimentin? What are the differences between a fluorescence microscope and a light microscope, and what are the uses for a fluorescence microscope.
-What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project? 
I would like to widen my knowledge on cells, and further my interest in biology.
Reflections on Plenary Sessions:
-What are your key learning points?
1) Plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh

-By studying sand layers, they can see how many waves there were during a tsunami.
-The Indo-Australian plate subducts under the sunda plate by 7cm every year.

2) IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon
-There are two ways to measuretectonic deformation: by GPS and by Coral reefs
-Each individual frame of an animation must be either drawn one by one by hand, or through other methods.
-Special effects needs: Calculus and the law of physics
Limit, Functions, Derivatives
Helps light up a scene
The law of physics:
Dynamics of fire, water and fabric movement
-Challenges of 2D animation
-Beautiful art form
-Skilled artists
-Labour intensive

3) Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology by Prof Ma Jan
-Budget pressure
-In 1963, Metal Nanoparticles were produced by gas evaporation method.
-Natural Non-Ceramics: Biomineralized fluoropatite gives unique mechanical properties, i.e. hardness

-What new questions do you have about the topic? 

Reflections on Applied Project Challenge: Your Accomplishments
-Discuss how the project has deepened your understanding and broadened your awareness of the selected discipline.
-What do you now understand about this discipline that you were unaware of at the beginning?
-Describe how what you have learned from doing this project can be connected to what you are learning at school.
-Describe how you can apply what you have learned from doing this project.
-At the end of the project, what new questions do you now have? 

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