Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Achievements

This post documents the learning points and the project finding or the end-product. 

Photographs/Videos that you have recorded during the project. 

Tissue viewed under light microscope after histochemical staining.

Tissue viewed under light microscope after immunohistochemical staining.

Tissue viewed under fluorescence microscope after fluorescence staining.

And a picture of us working on the tissue. 

What have you achieved through the completion of this project? When answering this question, consider both personal and academic development.

     -Our attitude was important, as we had to be very patient for the cells to be stained, and it was also very tedious, as some unfortunate accidents might happen, and everything would go wrong. If that happened, then we would have to redo it and it would take up a lot more of our time, where we would have wasted all our time prior. Thus with this, we were able to cooperate well along with our student mentor to complete the tasks. 

     -We learnt what cancerous tissues were, how they looked like, how are they formed, and of course their impacts. We also learnt how to operate a light and fluorescence microscope, and appreciate that they even exist. With the help of our student mentor, we were able to locate the cancerous parts of the tissue using 3 different staining methods, and will be able to apply these methods in our future studies. 

How has the design of your experiment or the design of your product allowed you to achieve the project's desired outcomes.

     -The project was well planned, with the equipments all prepared for us. We also had the help of our student mentor throughout, and the instructions were easy to follow, thus we were able to complete the desired outcomes. 

What are some limitations to your project through the consideration of the design of your experiment or the design of your product. 

     -Our tissue was relatively small thus working on it was quite an obstacle, and we were only able to study on 1 type of tissue.

Suggest possible improvements that could be made in order to minimize the limitations that you have identified.

     -Give us a bigger tissue to work on and allow us to study more than 1 type of cancerous tissue. 

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